Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Baby on Board

Okay, okay, I know, I'm the WORST blogger EVER! I mean, who doesn't post something for 5 months??? But that's alright, I'm going to start working on it! So here is my first updated blog....


No, it's not new news, but I wanted to wait a while before putting it out there for the whole world to see. I will be 13 weeks on Monday and Chris and I couldn't be happier. As most of you know, we have been trying to get pregnant for almost two years and it has finally happened...and in a cool way I might add! We had tried clomid and it just didn't work for us. So after about three months of taking clomid, we took some time off. We had scheduled an appointment with a fertility doctor on October 20 and actually found out that we were pregnant the week before! What a miracle. We feel so very blessed.

Well, the first trimester hasn't been that bad. I have had some "afternoon" sickness, but it hasn't been untolerable. I'm at the end of my first trimester and I can't wait for the second...I hear it's supposed to be the best!

My sister-in-law's were nice enough to let me borrow some maternity clothes so I won't break my own bank account....THANK YOU AND I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!

We find out what we are having on January 28, 2009....of course I want a girl and Chris wants a boy. He swears we can't have anything but a boy! Oh well, I'll have to show him!!! But, if it's a boy, his name will be Dylan Monroe Howard. Chris won't settle on a girl's name (since we aren't going to have any...according to him), but I'm pushing for Chloe Renee Howard.

The baby is attentively due June 29, 2009, but if it's anything like it's daddy, it will be early.

Well there is my update! I hope you all enjoy...who knows when I'll get back on here! HAHA!

Oh and here is a really cool website that shows the development of the baby.


Jenifer Howard said...

Its going so fast, i cant believe only >6 weeks til you find out what it is!

C & C Howard said...

I'm so glad you posted. THe time is going to go by so quickly until you find out. I am so excited for you!!!

Vlazny's said...

Yeah! I'm so excited for you guys! The time goes by so fast. Before you know it your little one will be here. Keep doing updates!

Cade and Brittany said...

Yeah for your post!! and yeah for a new little one in the family!! When you left a comment on my blog It took me a minute to figure out who you were :P Please keep us updated.

The Lindsay Family said...

YAY FOR POSTING! I am so excited for you and Chris to be parents! I hope you have a little princess! Keep me in the loop since I am moving and probably won't make regular visits to the office anymore! I LOVE YA!

Betsy said...

Congrats! I'm so happy for you. Let me know if you need anything! Love ya!